About Judith Klumperman

Judith Klumperman is since 2001 full professor of Cell Biology at the Center for Molecular Medicine of the University Medical Center in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Her laboratory strives to understand membrane trafficking in health and disease, with a particular interest in the endo-lysosomal system. Her current research focuses on the role of tethering complexes in lysosome biogenesis and neurodegenerative diseases. Judith is an expert in electron microscopy (EM), which she combines with molecular and biochemical approaches to unravel the morpho-molecular organization of the cell’s interior. Her lab is widely recognized as expertise centre for immuno-EM and correlative microscopy (CLEM), by which information from light microscopy is directly correlated to EM images. Judith chairs the national Netherlands Electron Microscopy Infrastructure and the Dutch CLEM node of EuroBioImaging.

Nalan Liv

 Assistant Professor

Utilizing a strong combination of molecular biology, live-cell fluorescence microscopy, and ultrastructural electron microscopy tools for high-resolution understanding of organelle functions in cancer.

Pekka Kujala

Postdoctoral fellow

Paolo Sanza

Postdoctoral fellow

Valentina Gómez Mellado

Postdoctoral fellow

Jan van der Beek

Postdoctoral fellow

Characterization of the endo-lysosomal system and its fusion events by advanced microscopy.

Reini van der Welle

Elisa Chen

 PhD student

Resolving the complex molecular and ultrastructural landscape of Tumor Micro Environment by light and electron microscopy.

Jui Shinde

PhD student

Role and molecular regulation of ARC syndrome related CHEVI complex in endosomal recycling.

Derk Draper

Matteo Tantucci

Tineke Veenendaal

Senior Technician & EM Manager

Corlinda ten Brink

Lab Coördinator & CMC Facility Manager

Cilia de Heus

Research Technician

Suzanne van Dijk

Research Technician

René Scriwanek

Photography and Image Processing

Seger Deerenberg

Master Student

Noa Rijneveld

Master Student

Tim Mulder

Selene Offringa